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Back in the day, if one wanted to get their hands on criminal records, one needed to first, hire a private detective who would do all the leg work and investigation while you wait to pay the money for services rendered. Now, however, those days are long gone.

Nowadays, things are considerably easier as one can easily run a background check online on his or her own, and it would only take nothing more than a few minutes. To accomplish this feat, one would need nothing more than a few mouse clicks to locate information on just about anyone, just about anywhere.

If you're still not clear on how this is possible, below are some easy ways one could perform a background check:

1.) With the use of Google or any other search engine. Input all the information at your disposal which could include full name, social security number or any other information you could have on the person you want to find. Arrest records are usually published online by a great many newspapers, so if there's any record involving the person's arrest, it may be available online.

2.) One could check some free criminal records databases. It is logical to assume that nowadays, there would be a nationwide criminal record database containing all information pertaining to the subject.

This is not the case, however. All is not lost, however, as there are few websites you can use, like The Federal Bureau of Prison's website where one can get a list of sex offenders who have been released from prison and also, the Family Watch Dog which has inmate locator services. One could also in quite at the department of motor vehicles to discover if the person being searched for, has been arrested for bad driving. A downside to this free databases is that they are often limited, so one may most probably not find what one is looking for.

3.) Professional services can be sought. A lot of online companies grant access to Criminal, Arrest and Jail Records, Marital status, Bankruptcy and Census Records, Family History Files, Warrant and sentencing Files, Sex offender's list e.t.c. To gain access to these services, a small fee may be required, but in the end, it is worth it as multiple checks can be run for one price with accurate results given. These sites offer a chance to protect you and yours against the ever-growing crime rate.